How everything began

January 2013

January 2013

Already at a young age our love for gastronomy very large! From the moment we met Dachau born the idea of ​​Bakalikon.

Our dream was to be a piece of Greece in the old town von Dachau. This was a few years ago.

Since then we strive to make our guests happy every day do! That was our goal from the beginning...and so it should continue stay.

What does Bakalikon mean?

The "Bakalikon" used to be the grocery stores in called the Greek neighborhoods. There you could not only shopping, but also with a glass of wine and a few appetizers to relax and the stress of everyday life leave behind.

Today, BAKALIKON is a traditional tavern in which beautiful old town of Dachau. We tried this unique ambience of the old Food store for you to call to life.


Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that gastronomy is very close with the Hospitality is connected, which is an elementary Basis of human civilization. We provide hospitality, because this is a great deal for us represents great value.

One of the cornerstones of our BAKALIKON concept is the respect for ours Guests. That makes us successful and unique. By many years of experience, we have succeeded in high quality Services in a cozy and hospitable To offer ambience.

Another important one Part of our kitchen is that our dishes only with carefully selected fresh ingredients, impeccable origin and quality are generated. We prepare our food innovative Mediterranean recipes and traditional methods to.

Our tavern is a family business, in which we are all with Cooking love and joy. We promise our guests therefore a culinary exhilaration!